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      7 Affirmations To Manifest Positive Body Image

      Having positive body image can be very difficult, especially with social media portraying unrealistic expectations and beauty standards. These 7 affirmations are meant to help you manifest body image, no matter what you see on social media or in life!

      Affirmations are a wonderful way to raise your frequency and help you think more positively.

      These affirmations in particular are made to help you think of your body in a positive, loving way.

      How often should I say these affirmations?

      There are multiple ways to tackle this.

      One strategy I like is to choose an affirmation at the beginning of the day and saying it to myself whenever I remember.

      I might say it 100 times a day, maybe less maybe more.

      I also like to put up a few sticky notes throughout the house, especially on mirrors.

      This way, whenever I look at myself in the mirror, I can say a positive affirmation about my body!

      This is a great way to make sure that looking at yourself is associated with positive emotions. 

      You can also put an affirmation as the background of your phone or on your laptop.

      Wherever you know you’ll look often throughout the day, put a positive affirmation for body image.

      This could be your car, your dresser, your microwave, your refrigerator… get creative!

      How do affirmations work?

      There could be many reasons affirmations work.

      If you believe in the law of attraction (read more about it here), then affirmations work by raising your vibration and attracting positive thoughts and experiences into your life. 

      If you don’t believe in it, there can be other reasons why affirmations work.

      They simply make you think in a more positive way. 

      Whenever you have a negative thought about your body, a positive affirmation can help change that thought into a positive one.

      I mean, who doesn’t feel good when they are complimented?

      Positive affirmations let you compliment yourself.

      How wonderful is that?

      Replace “I’m so big and I feel disgusting” with “I am beautiful and unique”.

      Which statement makes you feel better?

      That’s what I thought!

      The 7 Positive Affirmations

      Now onto the affirmations for positive body image. Use these affirmations when you are feeling down about your body and see how your body image improves!

      1. I am strong, I am confident, I can take on the world

      If the phrase “I love my body” is difficult for you to say, this is a great one to start out with.

      Sometimes you just need to shout “I am confident!”. 

      Just saying these words will help you feel empowered, so that you can move on to more challenging affirmations.

      When you say this affirmation, try a power pose such as putting your hands on your hips.

      Try to feel as powerful as possible.

      This affirmation is meant to make you feel confident and powerful.

      2. I am thankful for my body, from my head to my toes.

      The next step is giving thanks to your body.

      Again, if it is difficult for you to say you love your body, start by showing your thanks for it.

      By showing thanks to your body, you will slowly learn to appreciate your body, from your head to your toes.

      While you say this, ponder why you are thankful for you body.

      Does your body allow you to sing? Dance? Run? Jump? Kiss?

      What does your body allow you to do that you are thankful for?

      You can even say what you are thankful for out loud.

      For example, you can say “I am thankful for my body, from my head to my toes. I am thankful it allows me to walk to class everyone. I am thankful it allows me to sing in the shower.”

      Try this out to grow appreciation for your body.

      3. I love my _____. My _____ is awesome.

      The next step is to find a feature or body part that you love about yourself.

      This has to be a physical feature, not a personality trait!

      For example, I love my arms because they are strong and they let me lift heavy weights.

      You can choose a feature you love because of how it looks, or what it enables you to do.

      It is not shallow to love the look of your body parts!

      In fact, it is very healthy to love your body parts, and even better, love your whole body!

      4. I feel amazing in my body. I look amazing in my body.

      It’s not only important to say you love how your body looks, but also love how you feel in your body.

      You know the feeling of trying on a beautiful dress and feeling amazing in your own skin.

      Now, carry that feeling over to looking at yourself naked in the mirror.

      I’m serious guys!

      Look at yourself naked in the mirror and think of how beautiful you felt when you tried on that perfect outfit.

      Try your best to bring back those feelings.

      Feel that feeling you felt in that outfit in your own naked skin.

      Because then guess what? You will be able to feel beautiful in your own skin.

      5. I am like no other. I am beautiful in my own amazing way.

      This is another great affirmation, because it recognizes that you are beautiful in your own way.

      You don’t need to look like every one else to be beautiful.

      In fact, the most beautiful people are those who are unique and different.

      You should never seek to be like everyone else.

      You are beautiful and authentic in your own way, and that is more than ok!

      6. I love my body, from my head to my toes. I am all I ever wanted to be.

      This is one powerful affirmation.

      Once you are ready, it’s time to shout it to the mountains!

      You love your body! From your head to your toes! You are all you ever wanted to be!

      Be sure to feel those emotions. Soak up those feelings of power and confidence. 

      7. I am beautiful and sexy, and no one can tell me otherwise.

      This is another powerful affirmation.

      Not only are you beautiful, you are confident and sexy. 

      It doesn’t matter what you see on social media or what people tell you. 

      You know deep inside that you are beautiful and sexy, and no one in this world can make you not feel this way.

      This is because the way you feel is completely up to you!

      You are strong and confident. You won’t let anyone tell you what to feel!

      How long will these take to work?

      It really depends.

      If you are saying these affirmations for positive body image while really feeling the emotions of power and confidence, you will start feeling better soon.

      It may take longer if you have deep rooted body image issues.

      Start out with the easier affirmations and work your way up!

      Remember – the more you say the affirmations and feel the emotions, the faster it will work.

      So, keep going and be patient. It can take a while to truly feel confident in your body.

      But, every single person is able to be 100% confident in their body.

      Because confidence in your head.

      So, say the affirmations, feel the emotions and love your body one step at a time.

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