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      Benefits of Ginger Shots: Dietitian’s Opinion

      Ginger is not only well researched, it has been used both medicinally and in cooking for centuries in China, India and Japan. Ginger shots have shown several benefits through research and years of practice.

      I personally love ginger. I love it in smoothies and juices as well as in main dishes like chicken teriyaki or asain salad dressings. It has a very strong flavor, but in a good way. Plus, it does a great job of covering up the taste of vodka (moscow mules anyone?).

      Last year, my boyfriend and I started going to Trader Joe’s once a week (we had one five minutes from our apartment) and we often got a ginger shot to share. It’s not only fun to take a ginger shot, but it also comes with plenty of health benefits.

      Usually I’m hesitant to make any claims about natural remedies or herbs since there isn’t too much research out there to say anything for certain, but luckily ginger has been around for centuries and there is a good amount of control studies showing it’s benefits. 

      benefit of ginger shot

      What are ginger shots?

      Just to clarify, there is no alcohol in a ginger shot, despite the name. It’s labeled as a “shot” because it’s a small amount of liquid that you drink in one go. Most ginger shots I’ve seen are about 2 oz of liquid.

      It’s made using the juice of ginger and is usually mixed with things like lemon juice and fruit juice to dilute it a bit and weaken the strong ginger flavor.

      You can typically buy them in small plastic bottles at a variety of stores, but your best bet is to check at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods or Sprouts.

      Another place to get a ginger shot would be at your local juice or smoothie shop. Most places will have a ginger shot on the menu, but if not, you can always get a juice or smoothie that contains ginger. That way you can still get all of the benefits of a ginger shot.

      Plus, you can also make it at home. If you’d like to try that out, I’ve attached a recipe at the bottom of this article. Fresh always tastes better and contains a bit more nutrition.

      benefit of ginger shot

      What are the benefits of ginger shots?

      Many people have reported various benefits of ginger shots, but the most common benefits include improved digestion and pain reduction. According to the research, there are two specific benefits that stand out the most.

      That being said, there may be additional benefits, but we don’t have sufficient research to back up those claims. Some common benefits I have heard include weight management, improved skin health, reduction of acne and reduced inflammation. Again, these haven’t been confirmed by scientific studies. 

      Helps with nausea and vomiting

      Ginger has been shown to be effective for treating nausea and vomiting, especially when associated with pregnancy. This being said, it hasn’t been shown to be too effective for motion sickness or nausea caused by chemotherapy, though it may be effective when used with other nausea medications.

      So, if you suffer from occasional nausea or are currently pregnant and looking for nausea and vomiting relief, ginger can be a great supplement to try. You can consume ginger in a supplement form, or as a ginger shot, my personal favorite!

      A great thing about ginger is that it has not been shown to be harmful or unsafe, so if you want to try it out for nausea caused by other conditions, you should feel free to do so. Remember, we are all different, so while one person may notice ginger does nothing for their nausea, another person may notice huge improvements with supplementation

      Could help with menstrual cramps

      There is also some evidence to suggest ginger can be helpful for relieving menstrual cramps. This is great news for all the ladies out there who are looking for some additional relief during that time of the month. 

      One study found that taking a ginger supplement two days before your period starts along with three days into your period can lead to significantly improved menstrual pain and cramps. 

      If you have painful periods, it could be beneficial to add a ginger supplement along with your usual pain medication or try using it as an alternative to anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

      With the addition of a heating pad and an omega-3 supplement, you may not need pain medication at all. But, everyone is different and while ginger may help, you may need to also take anti-inflammatory medications to feel relief, and that’s ok!

      benefit of ginger shot

      What are the potential downsides of ginger shots?

      Ginger has been shown to be a safe supplement. That being said, there are some potential side effects to look out for, especially when taken in large doses. 

      These side effects include stomach ache, heartburn, diarrhea and mouth and throat irritation. So while ginger in normal doses can improve digestion, too much can make it worse.

      If you are worried about these potential side effects, start slow. Begin with half a ginger shot and see how you feel. If you don’t notice any negative side effects, then try increasing that amount to a full shot or ¾ of a shot. 

      And continue to monitor your tolerance. If you notice any of the side effects listed above, try reducing your dose and completely stopping for a few days to see if the side effects go away. From there, you can try slowly increasing again or staying at a smaller dose. 

      benefit of ginger shot

      Recipe for ginger shots

      Ginger shots are pretty easy to make and you don’t even need a juicer to make them. For this recipe, all you will need is a blender and cheesecloth. 

      You will need:

      • 3 lemons
      • ¼ cup coconut water
      • 1 ginger root
      • 1 tbsp honey


      1. Use a spoon to scrape the skin of the ginger root off. 
      2. In a blender, add the skinned ginger root, juice from the lemons and coconut water. Blend until smooth, about 30 seconds to a minute.
      3. Place a cheesecloth over a cup. Pour the blended liquid into the cheese cloth and gently squeeze the cheesecloth to separate the liquid from the pulp.
      4. Add honey to the squeezed liquid and stir until dissolved.
      5. Separate into shot glasses or small bottles for later.

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