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    Struggling with meal planning?

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      You’re probably here because you’re struggling with binge eating and are sick of feeling out of control around food. Believe me, I’ve been there.

      Perhaps you’ve tried every trick in the book: relying on pure willpower, brushing your teeth after every meal, distracting yourself or even working out to “make up” for calories eaten.

      But the reality is, if you don’t treat binge eating at the root cause, any “trick” you try will just mask the symptoms and only lead to temporary improvements.

      What you need to do is figure out why you binge and then use this information to come up with a strategy that works best for you.

      And that is exactly what this course is for! 

      Let me help you discover the root cause of your binge eating and share strategies based on your specific needs. This isn’t a one size fits all approach!


      Learn what your root cause is and what triggers binge eating for you specifically.

      Learn how much you should be eating based on your specific needs and how to know when you need to eat more.

      Learn new strategies to cope with uncomfortable emotions without using food to comfort.

      Learn about why diet rules can make binge eating worse and how to let go of diet rules.

      Learn how to know what your fear/trigger foods are and how to reintroduce them back into your diet without bingeing on them.

      Learn what mindful eating is, how it can help with binge eating and how to practice it at mealtime.

      Learn how body image and self care impact binge eating and tips to improve body image and self esteem.


      Course Curriculum

      This is the course for you if...

      This is NOT the course for you if...


      Join and finally say bye to binge eating for good!


      OR 3 PAYMENTS OF $19


      I do not recommend this course for those struggling with an active eating disorder. I highly suggest working with a doctor, therapist and dietitian. 

      It really depends. Some experience weight loss, others don’t. The purpose of the course is to stop binge eating, not lose weight.

      You should start seeing a reduction in binge eating in about 4 weeks. Some notice a change almost instantly, while it may take longer for others.

      There is about 90 minutes of video content in the course and when considering the time it takes to complete the quizzes and other activities, I would estimate it to take about 3-4 hours in total. Ideally this should be spread out over several weeks or months.

      Yes! You can opt to do 3 payments of $19 instead of the one time payment of $57.