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      9 Perfect Christmas Gifts For Foodies

      Do you have a foodie in your life? Or perhaps you are a foodie yourself! Either way, these are some wonderful ideas of Christmas gifts for the foodies in your life.

      When it comes to cooking, there are so many appliances and tools that make things so much easier.

      As well as that, there are certain types of appliances that just perform so much better than their counterparts.

      A foodie’s dream is to have a variety of good quality appliances and tools, so that cooking is not only easier, but more fun.

      If you have a foodie in your life and you’re wondering what the heck to get them, this is the perfect article for you.

      This list (links are affiliate links to help support my blog) includes appliances, tools, and gadgets every foodie needs to have the ultimate kitchen.

      So, what are these tools?

      1. High Quality Blender 

      If the foodie in your life loves to make smoothies, a high quality blender is an absolute must.

      Along with this, you can make soups, nut butters, and so much more with these particular blenders.

      There are a few options of high quality blenders, with varying price ranges depending on your budget.

      All of them work wonderfully and are bound to make a foodie happy.

      (affiliate link)

      2. Air Fryer 

      Air fryers are all the rage at the moment.

      Not only are they super convenient, but they can help create dishes that simply cannot be made with other appliances.

      It is an especially great Christmas gift for a foodie that is health conscious because air fryers use less oil than deep frying.

      Buying an air fryer for the foodie in your life is always a great idea.

      (affiliate link)

      3. Toaster Oven 

      If they don’t already have one, toaster ovens are a great way to bake/toast foods in small batches.

      For example, just want to melt the cheese on your tuna melt?

      You don’t need to heat up the whole oven, just pop it in the toaster oven, easy as that!

      Especially if the foodie in your life likes warm sandwiches and toasted breads, a toaster oven is a wonderful choice.

      (affiliate link)

      4. Milk Frother 

      If the foodie in your life is a big latte person, a milk frother is an absolute must.

      These gadgets are small and easily portable, great for travel or at home.

      The milk frother will transform a coffee with cream into a whole mock Starbucks creation.

      They simply make your drink go to the next level.

      (affiliate link)

      5. Food Processor 

      A food processor is an essential in the foodie’s kitchen.

      Trying to make salsa? Hummus? Nut butters? Thick smoothie bowls? Soups? Sauces?

      Food processors can create all of these delicious dishes.

      If the foodie in your life doesn’t already have one, I highly recommend getting them a food processor.

      (affiliate link)

      6. Cold Press Juicer 

      If the foodie in your life is into juicing, you must get them a cold press juicer.

      Opposed to other juicers, which basically vigorously spin the fruit around until the juice is fully extracted, the cold press juicer squeezes the juice out.

      It is called a “cold” press juicer because it doesn’t create any heat in the process, while centrifugal juicers create heat in the juicing process.

      Heat means that you may lose some of the nutrients and enzymes in the fruit, making it less nutrient dense.

      This is a wonderful gift, especially for health conscious foodies.

      (affiliate link)

      7. Glass Storage Containers 

      This Christmas gift for foodies is wonderful if the foodie in your life likes to meal plan.

      Opposed to plastic storage containers which stain and need to be tossed every few years, glass storage containers are durable and easily cleaned.

      These are great gifts that will likely last a very long time.

      (affiliate link)

      8. Herb Plants 

      The worst feeling is when you begin preparing a meal and you realize you are all out of herbs.

      I mean street tacos with no cilantro? Are they really tacos?

      Knowing this, a great gift for a foodie is a few herb plants.

      I would recommend cilantro, basil, dill, and parsley to begin with.

      These are great gifts, because they truly are the gift that keeps on giving.

      With proper care, these plants provide herbs for long periods of time.

      (affiliate link)

      9. Cast Iron Skillet

      One of the Christmas gifts for foodies is a cast iron skillet.

      Not only do they last just about forever, they add wonderful flavor to your recipes.

      It’s always great to get a few different sizes as well.

      If the foodie in your life likes baking, they can use a smaller skillet to make a cookie skillet, which is absolutely delicious!

      (affiliate link)

      Help! I’m on a budget

      If you are on a budget, you can still get some of the these Christmas gifts for foodies.

      For example, just get one herb plant. Milk frother also run fairly cheap as well as cast iron skillets and a small set on glass storage containers.

      Shop around on Amazon, check out Walmart and Target, and see what budget options are available. You’ll be surprised!

      Any other suggestions?

      My last suggestion has got to be foodie wrapping paper.

      It truly just ties the foodie theme together. Plus, it’s fun and creative, I bet everyone else will just be using that snowman or snowflake wrapping paper!

      If you have any questions or comments, contact me directly at You can also follow me on Instagram @tasteitwithtia and @liftitwithtia for healthy recipes, workouts and nutrition tips.

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