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      15 Foods That Make Your Butt Grow

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      Growing your butt can be very challenging, especially when your genetics are not in your favor. Luckily, anyone can grow their butt by eating foods that make your butt grow and by implementing the proper workout routine.

      Now, I’m not going to pretend like there is some miracle food that goes straight to your butt. This food simply does not exist

      But, there are foods that contain beneficial components that will support muscle growth all over, and if you are properly working your butt, will grow muscle there.

      Along with this, you need to be making sure you are eating in a caloric surplus in order to grow your muscle. You need those extra calories to support that growth of muscle tissue in your bum!

      So, by adding these foods to your diet and creating a caloric surplus, along with implementing a workout routine that promotes butt growth, you will have a big bum in no time!

      And when I say no time, I mean it’s going to take a while to see dramatic butt growth. But, you will start to see improvements sooner with a proper diet.

      What is a caloric surplus?

      To put it simply, you need to be eating more calories than you burn to be in a caloric surplus. When you are in a caloric surplus, yes you will gain weight, but if you are weight lifting, a good amount of that weight will be muscle.

      This being said, some of that weight will be fat, and that’s ok! Fat also plays a role in getting a big booty, because guess what? There is fat in your butt!

       So, if you truly want to grow your booty, you have to eat in a caloric surplus and gain some weight. 

      And how do you figure out you are in a caloric surplus? First you must figure out your maintenance calories.

      The best way to do this is to eat normally while you track your calories for the week. Weigh yourself at the beginning and end of the week. If your weight remains the same, you are eating at maintenance calories. Figure out the average amount of calories you are eating everyday and that is your maintenance calories for the day!

      From here, you can continue tracking and add 150-250 calories per day (this equates to about 1-2 lbs per month). Or, you can eat normally and add a 150-250 calorie snack every day.

      As an intuitive eater, I enjoy this approach since it allows me to not think about food so much. I just add an extra snack everyday!

      So, what kind of foods make my bum grow?

      Before I go into detail about the foods that make your butt grow, I want to discuss why these foods make your bum grow. First, these are calorie dense foods. This means that they pack a good amount of calories per bite, therefore you eat more calories, and therefore are in a calorie surplus.


      Next, they are high in protein.

      As you may know, protein plays a huge role in building muscle tissue. So you want to make sure you are eating enough protein throughout the day. These foods help!

       The American College of Sports Medicine recommends 1.2-2.0 grams of protein per kg of bodyweight per day for athletes. 

      So, for example, if you are 125 lbs, you should be eating anywhere from 68-114 grams of protein daily.

      To calculate this, divide your weight in lbs by 2.2 to get your weight in kg. Then multiply this number by 1.2 and then by 2 to get a range.

      125 lbs / 2.2 = ~57kg

      57kg x 1.2 = ~68 grams of protein

      57kg x 2 = ~114 grams of protein

      So, to ensure you are getting enough protein, aim for a number in between this range.

      Carbohydrates and Fats

      Along with this, carbohydrates and fat are essential for muscle growth. It is recommended to eat half of your calories as carbohydrates. 

      If you are eating 2000 calories a day, this would mean you want around 250 grams of carbohydrates daily. To calculate this, divide your total calories per day in half, and then divide by 4.

      2000 calories / 2 = 1000 calories

      1000 calories / 4 = 250 grams of carbohydrates

      Carbohydrates are plentiful in many foods such as grains, baked goods, sugary foods, fruits, some vegetables, and dairy products. As for fats, use your remaining calories, after protein and carbohydrates, for fats. 

      Good sources of fat are plant oils, olives, avocado, nuts and seeds, and fatty fish.

      The Best Foods To Make Your Butt Bigger

      1. Black Beans 

      Half a cup of black beans contains 8 grams of protein.

      This is a great option for vegans and vegetarians, as well as everyone else! It’s easy to throw into a salad, soup, or mash on a tortilla. Plus, they contain complex carbohydrates and fiber.

      This is a great option if you want a quick, low prep lunch:

      (affiliate link)

      2. Chicken Breast 

      2 ounces of chicken breast contains 11 grams of protein to help fuel those booty gains!

      It is also high in BCAAs, which will help with muscle growth even further.

      3. Nuts and Seeds 

      A ¼ cup of almonds contains 6 grams of protein, while a ¼ cup of peanuts contains about 5-6 grams of protein.

      These nuts are also high in healthy fats which also play a role in muscle growth and overall health.

      Trail mix is a great way to get some nuts and seeds into your diet, as well as healthy fats:

      (affiliate link)

      4. Hard Cheese 

      1 ounce of cheese contains about 9 grams of protein.

      It is also a delicious way to add in those extra calories and protein. It’s super easy to incorporate cheese into many meals.

      5. Pumpkin Seeds 

      A ¼ cup of pumpkin seeds contains 8 grams of protein.

      They are also very calorie dense, about 160 calories per ¼ cup. Throw them in a salad, trail mix, or soup!

      Here are some great online options for purchasing:

      (affiliate link)

      6. Tofu 

      3 ounces of tofu contains 8 grams of protein.

      Here are some tips on how to press tofu, so you get a nice firm product which is super delicious!

      7. Greek Yogurt 

      The protein in greek yogurt varies depending on the brand, but it typically contains about 7 grams of protein per container.

      It also contains carbohydrates from the milk or from the added sugar, which play a role in helping to build muscle and add extra calories.

      This is a great high protein Greek yogurt option. Plus, it is low sugar and tastes delicious:

      (affiliate link)

      8. Ground Turkey 

      4 ounces of ground turkey contains a whooping 27 grams of protein.

      It’s such a great way to add some extra protein to your diet.

      Make turkey burgers, soup, or just scramble it up with some veggies and rice!

      9. Fish 

      Fish in general is also a good source of protein, with 21 grams of protein in 4 ounces of tilapia or salmon

      These are wonderful ways to add in protein and those healthy fats which aid in muscle growth.

      10. Whole Wheat Pasta 

      ½ a cup of whole wheat pasta contains 6 grams of protein.

      It is also super high in carbohydrates and fiber to aid in muscle growth and overall general health.

      Simply switch out your white pasta with whole wheat most of the time and you’ll see gains in no time.

      11. Oats 

      ½ a cup of oats contains 5 grams of protein and is also a great source of complex carbohydrates.

      Use oats for oatmeal, or create granola or energy balls! So many options with oats.

      Oatmeal cups are great, convenient options for on the go:

      (affiliate link)

      12. Eggs 

      1 egg contains about 6 grams of protein, but depending on the size of the egg, it could be up to 8 grams.

      Eggs are a great way to get it some extra calories and protein, along with some fats!

      13. Brown Rice 

      ½ a cup of brown rice contains about 4 grams of protein.

      Though it may not be super high in protein, it contains complex carbohydrates and fiber.

      I typically go for fresh made rice, but this instant rice is quite good as a fast alternative:

      (affiliate link)

      14. Bagels 

      One regular sized bagel can contain 11 grams of protein.

      That’s right! Bagels are high in protein and carbohydrates to fuel your muscles.

      15. Milk

      Finally, 1 cup of milk contains about 7 grams of protein.

      It also has carbohydrates and fat, depending on what % percent milk you prefer.

      It is a wonderfully balanced snack, great for post workout!

      So if I eat these foods and my butt will grow?

      Yes, and no. Eating these foods will definitely help you get a big butt, but eating them alone won’t cause a miracle. You need to be incorporating these foods and other foods to reach a calorie surplus, which was discussed before.

      Along with this, you need a solid workout program to grow your glutes. A mixture of foods that help make your butt bigger, a caloric surplus, and a solid exercise program will help grow your bum nice and big!

      For healthy recipes and nutrition info, follow me @tasteitwithtia on Instagram and TikTok. Find more articles on health related topics and nutrition here.

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