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      4 Natural Hangover Nausea Remedies

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      Some people are blessed with the ability to drink all night and wake up feeling great. If you clicked on this article, you are not one of those people. And believe me, I feel you! But, good news. There are several natural hangover nausea remedies you can try out. 

      There are a few herbs that are known for their anti-emetic properties (emetic refers to vomiting). Therefore, if something is anti-emetic, it will help relieve vomiting, and nausea to go along with it!

      I recommend trying out a few things on this list, and see what works for you! After all, every one of us is unique and a remedy that works well for you may not work for someone else.

      Also, you’ll want to try these out the morning of the hangover. They won’t be effective if you take them while you drink. 

      ginger hangover nausea

      1. Ginger

      Ginger will always be the number one when it comes to reducing nausea.

      Several studies have shown that ginger helps with pregnancy and chemotherapy related nausea. Both are conditions where nausea and vomiting are very common.

      Ginger can be taken in various forms. You can buy it ground up in pill form, as a tea, or in various dishes. 

      Here are some great products to try out:

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      lemon hangover nausea

      2. Lemon 

      There is some evidence to suggest that aromatherapy using lemons can help reduce nausea and vomiting. 

      You can do this by literally buying a lemon, cutting it open, and smelling it. Or, you can purchase lemon essential oil (which is what they used in the study).

      Here is a good affordable option:

      (affiliate link)

      marijuana cannabis hangover nausea

      3. Cannabis (Marijuana)

      Yes, that’s right! 

      Perhaps you have heard that marijuana gives you the munchies. For the same reason, marijuana can help relieve nausea. 

      Marinol, a common appetite stimulant given to cancer patients, is actually composed of synthetic cannabinoids which reduce nausea and increase hunger.

      There have been several studies examining the effects of cannabis on nausea, showing promising research.

      If marijuana is illegal in your state, don’t worry! CBD will help reduce nausea as well, and is legal in America.

      Make sure you are getting your CBD from a reputable source and you are able to look through lab test results before you buy it (if they don’t provide this information, find another supplier!). If you are being drug tested, you also want to make sure the THC content is minimal/nonexistent.

      Here is one brand I recommend: JustCBD

      Use my link (affiliate link) for 20% off your purchase!

      They have a rang of products, from gummies, to tinctures, to vapes! Plus, all products are lab tested to verify CBD levels, so you know it is worth your money.

      Some other companies I love: CannaTrading, NuLeaf, Spruce, CBDmd

      cardamom hangover nausea

      4. Cardamom

      If you enjoy Indian food, you’ve likely had a dish with cardamom in it. But did you know that it can help reduce nausea?

      There is evidence to suggest that cardamom can help relieve nausea by both ingestion and aromatherapy. 

      So, your choice! Sniffing some cardamom essential oil or popping a cardamom pill (or perhaps eating some Indian food, though I can’t imagine Indian food is the best choice while hungover).

      Here are some options:

      (affiliate link)

      Final Thoughts on Hangover Nausea Remedies

      I get it, hangovers suck. Especially when you are constantly worried about your roommate occupying the bathroom when you might have to hurl. 

      Forget about those worries! Try out some of the natural remedies (I suggest you try them all out) and see what works best for you.

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