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      Social Media Mental Health Challenge

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      Social media may be a great tool in many ways, but can also be very detrimental to your mental health. This social media mental health challenge will help you start using social media in a more positive way that enhances mental health.

      When you scroll through social media, whether that be Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, or other platforms, how does it make you feel?

      Do you feel empowered? More confident and able?

      Or does it make you feel that you are not enough? That you are not where you want to be?

       It’s important to fill your social media with positive messaging that is helpful and empowering to you and others. 

      So often we follow accounts that post photoshopped photos portraying unrealistic beauty standards.

      Ask yourself, why do you follow these accounts? 

      Some may say they follow them for motivation, to push themselves to workout more, or eat less.

      This is not good for your mental health.

      You should be following accounts that promote realistic, attainable goals and methods. These accounts should make you feel empowered and strong, not weak and unworthy.

      This challenge will help you reach a point where scrolling through social media makes you feel hopeful and strong!

      Social Media Mental Health Challenge

      Challenge #1: Unfollowing Negative Accounts

      The first step is to unfollow accounts that do not add to your happiness.

      At the beginning of the day, scroll through your home page.

      Go through each post and click on the account.

      Scroll through the account’s pictures.

      I like to use a method similar to Marie Kondo (click here if you are unfamiliar with her).

      If, when scrolling through the account’s pictures, you feel happy and empowered, continue to follow them.

      If you feel discouraged and bad about myself, you unfollow. 

      Continue this until you reach the end of your feed.

      Repeat every day until your feed is filled with content that brings you joy!

      This may be a long or short process, depending on how many people you follow, but it is the most important thing you can do to “cleanse” your social media.

      Challenge #2: Following Positive Accounts

      It’s so important to follow positive accounts that uplift you and make you feel strong and confident.

      You may be wondering where to even start.

      Don’t worry, here are some suggestions of wonderful accounts that radiate positivity and are accepting of everyone:


      • dietititandeanna
      • thenutritiontea
      • diet.culture.rebel


      • collegecleaneating
      • taychayy (and her company balanceathletica)
      • whitneysimmons
      • krissycela
      • meggangrubb

      These accounts are super uplifting and accepting, and focus on providing helpful tips, without telling you that you need to live a certain way to be “good enough”.

      Over time, you’ll be able to find more accounts.

      Follow the same method as challenge #1. Does this account make you happy? Empowered? 

      Using that method, you will find your feed makes you feel positive and powerful!

      Challenge #3: Interacting with Positive Accounts

      Next, while it is important to follow positive accounts and unfollow negative accounts, it’s also important to take time to interact with positive accounts.

      Like, comment, share, and save these accounts posts.

      This not only helps them grow their account and connect with more people, it is also great to create relationships with these people!

      While it may be harder with larger accounts, most smaller accounts are easy to create relationships with.

      Simply comment on their posts, repost their posts, or even DM them to get to know them better.

       Don’t be afraid to interact with these people! They are there to help people like you. 

      Along with this, many accounts may provide counseling services. If you have the money, take advantage of this!

      Going to see a dietitian or mental health professional is going to do wonders, so don’t be afraid to interact!

      Challenge #4: Posting Positive Messaging

      Don’t be afraid to post yourself.

      We often look to other social media accounts to feel good about ourselves, and forget that we have a platform as well!

      Take the time to create content that exudes positivity.

      Here are some topic ideas to post about:

      • Your journey to self acceptance
      • Stress management activities you enjoy
      • Things you are grateful for
      • Tips on how to improve body image
      • Realistic pictures that aren’t photoshopped or posed

      You may think you have a platform, but I promise, but posting positive content, you will most likely be able to reach at least one person.

      This may not seem like a lot, but believe me, helping just one person can make a huge impact.

      Challenge #5: Interacting with Your Followers

      Next is taking the time to interact with your own followers, whether these are strangers, friends or family.

      Comment on their posts, DM them saying they are killing it in life, like their posts, share their posts.

       Just as it feels wonderful to receive a positive comment or DM, it also feels wonderful to send one. 

      It also helps you create relationships that will last a lifetime.

      So, don’t be afraid to interact with your followers, even if they are strangers!

      You never know when a positive comment is all that person needs.

      Which social media mental health challenge will you try?

      Try one challenge and see how it makes you feel.

      If you notice your mental health has improved and you feel more confident and beautiful, try out another!

      Keep going until all of these challenges are simply part of your everyday routine.

       When you go on social media, you should feel empowered and happy, not weak and disappointed. 

      Another extra tip is to find groups on FaceBook that align with your ideals. There are plenty of groups where members discuss personal problems and other members help by providing advice and life experience.

      If you are interested, find groups that provide helpful information and support that you need during this time. Don’t be afraid to interact with the people in the group and even post your own worries and concerns. They are there to help you!

      Remember, you choose what you see on social media. 

      So make it positive, happy, and empowering!

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