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      Ankake Tofu with Mushrooms and Carrots (あんかけ豆腐)


      Ankake tofu is currently my favorite way to prepare tofu and for good reason! It’s easy to throw together and tastes amazing, perfect for a quick lunch or plant-based dinner idea.  What is ankake? Ankake is a thick, savory dashi sauce typically containing dashi stock, soy sauce and sugar. Additional ingredients like rice vinegar or … Read more

      Garlic Chives vs Onion Chives: What’s The Difference?

      garlic chives vs onion chives

      What’s the difference between garlic chives vs onion chives? While the two vegetables are very similar, there are a few distinct differences that are important to know, especially for all the home cooks reading this article.  What are garlic chives? Garlic chives, also known as Asian chives, Chinese chives or Chinese leeks, are a kind … Read more

      Tofu Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with Dipping Sauce

      tofu cabbage rolls

      There are many variations of cabbage rolls out there, but this tofu cabbage rolls recipe inspired by East Asian flavors is the best, in my opinion of course. These vegetarian cabbage rolls are packed with nutrients and protein, perfect for the whole family.  Ingredients for Tofu Cabbage Rolls Before making this recipe, make sure you … Read more